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BecomeOne Wholeness is a yoga, pilates and healing studio in New Jersey.  We offer our community growth and healing by way of body movement and mindfulness practices.  Everybody is welcome and encouraged to discover their greatest potential.

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Neuroscultping® Meditation Training Level II - Lisa Wimberger

  • BecomeOne Wholeness 485 Valley Brook avenue lyndhurst (map)

Join Lisa for this weekend immersion. Apply techniques learned in Warrior I to identify subtle layers of energetic information. Use I AM statements and concepts from Everyday Warrior for interoception exercises.

  • Identify and navigate the auric interface between people and objects

  • Identify energetic channels in the feet, legs, and the front and back of the chakra system

  • Learn basic navigation and manipulation of the chakra system and the corresponding auric layers.

  • Clear I AM concepts from chakra system and auric layers

  • Learn how to run energy through the body for clearing and information

  • Materials you will need: a notebook or journal and pen, a comfy pillow, snacks, a voice recorder if you want to record the sessions.

Prerequisite: Everyday Warrior Level One.