BecomeOne Wholeness

Yoga. Pilates. Healing.

BecomeOne Wholeness is a yoga, pilates and healing studio in New Jersey.  We offer our community growth and healing by way of body movement and mindfulness practices.  Everybody is welcome and encouraged to discover their greatest potential.

New student mat class specials:


One Week Unlimited:  $25

One Month Unlimited:  $50


Yoga & Pilates - Mat Class Packages

Drop-In Mat Class:  $20

5 Class Package:  $90

10 Class Package:  $170

20 Class Package:  $320

30 Class Package:  $450

YOGA & PILATES - MAT Unlimited Packages

One (1) Month Unlimited:  $150

One (1) Year Unlimited:  $1,100

Community Membership *Auto-Debit*:  $99 per month with a one (1) year contract / six (6) month commitment