Welcome to BecomeOne Wholeness 


Located right off Route 3, 21, and 17, BecomeOne Wholeness is easy to access with plenty of free parking. Our classes are open to all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Pre-Registration for Classes:  While it's not required, pre-registration for classes is encouraged.  Click here to pre-register before your class.

Yoga Mats/Props:  You can bring your own mat to practice on, or you can borrow one of ours.  We are happy to provide all other props needed to assist students in their class.

Amenities:  We have a changing room, and bathrooms available for our students.  We are proud to offer a community space where we encourage our students to sit, relax, and spend time with other members of our community before and after classes.

Water:  We have a water filter; bring your bottle.  If you wish to purchase water and other refreshing drinks please ask at front desk.

Parking:  There is plenty of free parking on the streets in the neighborhood, and the center of town is 2 blocks away with plenty of parking.

For First Timers:  Dress comfortably, refrain from eating 1 hour to 90 minutes prior to class, fill out our waiver online, arrive 15 minutes early, leave personal belongings of value at home, power OFF cell phones, and most importantly . . . Relax & Have Fun!